Handstripping | The Wag


Handstripping is the process of removing soft undercoat from particular breeds, by hand, with the aid of a stripping knife and/or stone. This way of grooming is practiced here at The Wag.

Handstripping preserves the correct coat type on those breeds with a coarser top coat. This process not only requires a great deal of skill and knowledge but is very time consuming, a reason why it has become less common in most grooming salons. A technique generally being reserved mainly for show dogs, we offer this as part of our dog grooming services here at The Wag.

Breeds that can be stripped include terriers such as westies, scotties, welsh terriers, lakelands, schnauzers (all varieties), border terriers and cairn terriers. Sporting breeds that can be handstripped include all setters, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, brittany spaniels and clumbers. These are not all of the breeds that benefit from this technique, so please feel free to inquire with us. Also, please note that in some cases, prior clipper grooming of your dog may have damaged the top coat. This damage can be irreversible, and therefore, no longer possible for the coat to be handstripped.

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